Discounted Reiki Subscriptions

Want to save money and time instead of using the standard Healing Touch “L” Boston Reiki booking portal? With this discounted monthly Reiki subscription service below, you can get a full hour session each month for $105 — a savings of $180 per year! You may cancel this monthly charge at any time, but I encourage you to try at least 4 months to see the difference regular Reiki energy work can make on your life and wellbeing.

To use this service, register through the secure subscription button below, then email Lillie at [email protected], this contact form, or a text or call to (617) 453-8683 to schedule your sessions.

I can also set up discounted subscriptions for other configurations, such as twice a month, or monthly 45-minute sessions; just let me know.

Looking forward to working with you!

Healing Touch L
Hooray for the healing power of Reiki!

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