Couples Reiki in Boston, MA

Looking for a date idea?

If you’ve been searching for the perfect unique, special date idea in Boston, MA, you’ve found it: couples Reiki!

With Reiki for couples at Healing Touch “L” you can spend a luxurious hour or 45 minutes reclining next to your partner (fully clothed), while the certified Reiki practitioner, Lillie, uses the relaxing hand placements of this ancient healing modality to activate and enhance the energy flow between you and your loved one.

Your partner doesn’t need to be romantic — couples Reiki is perfect for friends and siblings, too.

You will leave the couples Reiki session relaxed, refreshed, and with a new connectedness with your partner — as well as a deeper appreciation of the beauty of your own energy.

Expect to have rich conversations afterwards, as well as a heightened level of intimacy, comfort, and togetherness.

Couples Reiki Boston
Try Couples Reiki at Healing Touch “L” for a great date!

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Click the button below to browse the calendar of Reiki availability for all types of sessions (individual, couples, and discounted packages) in this easy online booking portal.

Welcoming ALL Couples

Lillie specializes in helping both members of the couple feel comfortable during this wonderful energy work experience, and she sees each session as a collaboration to customize for your optimal experience. Healing Touch “L” is welcoming and inclusive for people of all backgrounds, and is a LGBTQ+ safe safe space.

For easy online booking, click the availability calendar for the 60-minute Couples Reiki session, or 45-minute Couples Reiki.

Questions or requests? Feel free to reach out to Lillie via this contact form, or by scheduling a free phone or text discussion. For example, Lillie is sometimes able to open up new time slots for booking availability, upon request, or can help arrange the session to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion. Be in touch!

Want an activity for a bigger group? Try the group Reiki workshops at Healing Touch “L!”

Boston date idea: Couples Reiki
Feel energy connecting you.

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Use this easy online calendar to check open dates and times for couples Reiki and individual session. Don’t see a slot you want? Reach out to Lillie!

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Couples reiki
Couples Reiki makes a great date!