Healing Touch “L”

Relaxing Reiki Energy Work in Boston


In a Reiki healing touch session, the practitioner places her hands gently upon the person receiving the treatment in order to facilitate energy flow. The receiver lies down comfortably during the session, fully clothed. This is not a massage; rather the practitioner positions her hands at one place on the body until there is an energy shift, at which point she moves to another.

The full flow of a Reiki treatment moves from head to toe in a specific hand movement pattern (avoiding sensitive areas), but Reiki can still be effectively done with hands focused just on one area, such as the head or shoulders, upon request.

Reiki can have many benefits, from relaxation to positive energy changes and general healing. It is not religiously affiliated, and has been so well-documented as beneficial that it is now in use in many major hospitals. For more about Reiki and its benefits, check out this Cleveland Clinic article, this Forbes article, or this Atlantic piece.


Lillie (the “L” in Healing Touch “L”) is a touch and energy healer who helps people find calm, freedom, and insight in mind, body, and soul. She is certified as a Kundalini Reiki Master, and is additionally trained through Usui Reiki II. Lillie uses a gentle touch, following intuition, as well as guidance given from a conversation at the start of the session.

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After booking, Lillie will email an intake form to learn about your healing needs, and to explain more about the process. During the session, please arrive in comfortable, soft clothes, with a face covering, and reschedule if you are sick. In the studio, all surfaces are disinfected between clients.

Sessions are 30 – 60 minutes, during which time you will lie down on your back and/or stomach, depending on your needs, while Lillie gently places her hands from head to toe in a slow pattern. Note that this is NOT a massage — it is gentle hand placement for energy flow. Before we start the practice, you’ll have a chance to let me know if there are any areas of your body you don’t want touched, and you can request changes at any time. The whole session can be done with hands on only shoulders or head if desired.

During the session, you may feel relaxed and even fall asleep, or you may experience flows of emotion, clarity, insight, or shifting. You might even see colors, which indicate a change in energy or chakra cleansing. After the session, Lillie will debrief with you to further the healing process. Positive benefits may be immediate, or may blossom in the subsequent days. See real testimonials here!


Payment is on a sliding scale from $60 to $120 per session, and may be done securely by Venmo (@HealingTouchL) or Paypal ([email protected]). To book, a minimum payment of the lowest end of the sliding scale is required. Please contact Lillie if any issues with payment arise.


Reiki sessions are at Regenerate Movement at 7 Burroughs St #1, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, a studio space in the JP neighborhood of Boston, near a large parking lot and the 39 bus. Availability is by appointment at this link, and there are a range of open times. Lillie may also be able to accommodate times that are not on that calendar, by request.