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Looking for a way to relax, reset, and revitalize? You’ve come to the right place with Healing Touch “L” Boston Reiki! Lillie provides welcoming, restorative energy work and chakra balancing in Massachusetts, whether this is your first Reiki session, or 100th.

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Reiki for stress relief in Boston.
Lillie doing Reiki healing touch energy work.

Not sure yet if Reiki is for you? Schedule a free phone or text consultation, check out these client testimonials about the many ways that a healing touch session can help, browse these Reiki videos, or read on to learn more about this wonderful form of energy work for both individual sessions and couples Reiki.

Reiki balances the chakra energy centers of the body.
Reiki balances the chakra energy centers of the body.
Reiki hand placements
The hand pattern flows from your head to feet and back.
Reiki energy work
This energy work bring revitalization and clarity.


In a Reiki healing touch session, the practitioner places her hands gently upon the person receiving the treatment in order to facilitate energy flow via an assisted meditative state. The receiver lies down comfortably during the session, fully clothed. This is not a massage; rather the practitioner positions her hands at one place on the body until there is an energy shift, at which point she moves to another.

The full flow of a Reiki treatment moves from head to toe in a specific hand movement pattern (avoiding sensitive areas), but Reiki can still be effectively done with hands focused just on one area, such as the head or shoulders, upon request. In a 45 minute session, Lillie usually focuses on the energy centers in the front of the body, while an hour-long Reiki session provides time for both front and back chakra balancing.

Benefits of Reiki
Reiki can help in so many ways!

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki can have many benefits, from relaxation and stress relief, to positive energy changes, to increased life clarity, and general healing. It is not religiously affiliated, and has been so well-documented as beneficial, that it is now in use in many major hospitals. For more about Reiki and its benefits, check out this Cleveland Clinic article, this Forbes article, or this Atlantic piece.

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WHO IS “L?” in this Boston Reiki Practice?

Lillie (the “L” in Healing Touch “L”) is a touch and energy healer who helps people find calm, freedom, and insight in mind, body, and soul. She is certified as a Usui, Kundalini, and Holy Fire Reiki Master, and has been practicing since 2018. She has also been a middle school English teacher and public school librarian since 2003!

Lillie uses a gentle touch, following intuition, as well as guidance given from a conversation at the start of the session. Her specialty is chakra balancing by being able to see an individual person’s energy color pattern, and guiding it into a healing flow. It’s fine if you have no prior experience with chakra energy work; Lillie will provide an easy-to-understand and helpful experience.

Lillie sees each Reiki session as a collaborative experience, and welcomes requests and discussion before or during the session — or simply silent focus. Both practitioner and client can follow the flow as needed for maximum benefit. Curious? See availability for booking a session here.

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Reiki practitioner Boston
Reiki Practitioner, Lillie.


After booking, Lillie will email an intake form to learn about your healing needs, and to explain more about the process.

What should you wear for Reiki? On the day of the session, please arrive in comfortable, soft, clothes and clean socks (or bring an outfit to change into in the private bathroom).

Thin clothes in layers are ideal to facilitate the transfer of energy; for example, wear a thin long-sleeved shirt instead of a thick sweater, and wear yoga pants instead of jeans.

Do reschedule if you are sick. In the studio, all surfaces are disinfected between clients, and linens are freshly-laundered.

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Wear soft, thin clothes for Reiki.

Before we start the session, you will have a chance to let Lillie know if there are any areas of your body you don’t want touched, and you can request changes at any time. The whole session can be done with hands on only shoulders or head if desired.

Sessions are 45 – 60 minutes, during which time you will lie down on your back and/or stomach, depending on your needs, while Lillie gently places her hands from head to toe in a slow pattern. Note that this is NOT a massage — it is gentle hand placement for energy flow.

During the session, you may feel relaxed and even fall asleep, or you may experience flows of emotion, clarity, insight, or productive energy shifts. You may choose to speak or remain silent. Lillie may share what she’s noticing in your energy pattern, if you would like. Positive benefits may be immediate, or may blossom in the subsequent days. See real testimonials here!

Reiki therapy
Reiki is YOUR time to let go and let emotions reset.

“I write this only an hour or so after our Reiki session, but a wave of relief has washed over me that I’ll carry forth into this new chapter of my life. Eternally grateful to have been in the presence of such a kind and caring practitioner. Lillie, you are incredible at what you do, and I am so grateful for your healing work.”

Oct. 2021 Client


During the Reiki session, you might see the chakras’ mediation colors, which indicate a change in energy or chakra cleansing. Lillie’s specialty is being able to very vividly perceive the colors of chakra balancing and energy flow during the meditation of Reiki to help you understand where your body is storing energy, and how to shift it for greater wellbeing. This is also known as doing aura readings.

Throughout the session, Lillie can tell you which colors she sees most vividly in you, where in the body you are holding them, and what they might mean for your life, and for positive next steps in your path. You may also see colors, yourself.

After the Reiki chakra balancing session, Lillie will debrief with you to further the healing process. The focus in Reiki is on enhancing and supporting the positive, so you do not need to be concerned about what communication you will receive during the aura readings — it’s all good, kind, and helpful! If you’d prefer more talking during the session, Lillie is also a life coach, Boston!

Healing Touch L Boston Reiki
Healing Touch “L” Reiki, Boston welcomes you.

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Browse Lillie’s availability for Boston Reiki healing touch sessions here.

Couples Reiki in Boston

Looking for the perfect date activity to connect you with your partner?

Lillie loves offering couples Reiki sessions for two people to experience energy work at once! Choose between a 45-minute couples Reiki session and a 60-minute couples Reiki session, during which time you’ll be able to recline next to your partner (or a platonic friend — it doesn’t need to be romantic!) and relax with gentle healing touch energy flow hand placements.

Healing Touch “L” welcomes all types of couples, and is a LGBTQIA+ affirming space. Lillie also offers postpartum Reiki and specializes in giving care to tired parents.

A couples Reiki session is the perfect special occasion or birthday gift to experience a safe, welcoming space for energetic partnership. Feel free to reach out to Lillie about doing Reiki as a couple, if you have questions you’d like answered before booking.

Couples Reiki in Boston
Couples Reiki makes a wonderful date activity!


Payment at Healing Touch “L” Reiki starts at $145 per session, and may be done securely through the booking portal, or by Venmo (@HealingTouchL) or Paypal ([email protected]) before the session. Additional tipping is optional, but appreciated.

To secure your booking, payment is required, and your support of this small business is appreciated. Please contact Lillie if any issues with payment arise.

Discounted 3-pack Reiki bundles are available, and are highly recommended for making clear progress in energy work.

Reiki gift certificates are also on offer, which make the perfect holiday, birthday, or special occasion gift!

Chakra balancing Boston
Unlock your trapped energy!


Reiki sessions are at Regenerate Movement at 7 Burroughs St #1, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, a studio space in the JP neighborhood of Boston, near a large parking lot and the 39 bus. Facing the building, enter the door at the far left.

Availability is by appointment at this link for easy online booking, and there are a range of open times. Lillie may also be able to accommodate times that are not on that calendar, by request.

Chakra balancing
Are you ready for Reiki?

Group Reiki Workshops for Events

Lillie also offers group Reiki workshops, either in her studio for groups of 3-5, or for much larger groups off-site at your events, or for company perks, retreats, corporate gatherings, or conferences around Boston. Contact Lillie to discuss pricing and availability.

Because of her background as a classroom teacher, Lillie can do any combination of large-group presentations, plus hands-on demonstrations and mini-sessions (like a “chair massage,” but “Chair Reiki.”) Reiki at events and gatherings can be a wonderful opportunity to bring relaxation and connection to your workplace, office, or staff. Reach out for more information.

Cancellation Policy:

For any reason besides illness, cancellations should be made at least 24 hours before the appointment by contacting Lillie, and she will help you reschedule. In the event of illness, please notify Lillie as soon as possible; if it is in a shorter time frame than 24 hours, Lillie will try to accommodate rescheduling to support your health.

If the Reiki practitioner is concerned about illness on her end, she will contact you 24 hours before your appointment to reschedule, in order to maintain wellbeing all around. Appointments cancelled within one hour of the start time for any reason are charged the full amount, barring extraordinary circumstances.


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