All of the quotes below were shared with permission from Healing Touch “L” clients who wrote about their experience after our Reiki session. Your own experience may be different, but these are real client words! You can see more reviews on Google, Yelp, and Nextdoor, and also browse footage of Reiki videos.


“It was relaxing and calming. I was anxious going into the session, and found myself having more compassion for myself and others that allowed me to relax. I felt a warm, light sensation wherever you were touching.” – C.T.

It was great. Really easy to communicate with Lillie during session so it felt like a collaboration.” – E.G.

“I felt energized, happy, and hopeful.” – S.P.

“Lillie’s attentive listening, conversation, and touch created such a calming and open environment for me to feel free to both speak my truth and to allow all of the stress within my body and mind to completely disperse. I won’t forget her heartwarming, honest and funny approach.” – J.G.

How could Reiki help YOU?
How could Reiki help YOU?

Wonderful! Relaxing! I felt warmth from your hands and the pressure was just right. I have had other Reiki sessions and found yours equal to those all good ways.” – A.W.

I thought it was very relaxing and calming, and I appreciated the explanation of what was going to happen and what to do. I felt very comfortable. – B.M.

I felt comfortable, your hands were warm, I noticed heaviness in my legs and found myself having to cry a little without a clear reason, that pressure just built up into my chest and I had to cry. Your read of me was spot on, I was surprised to hear that my hands so clearly communicated that I was involved in creative pursuits. – J.S.

I saw colors and continually melted into the table as I became more relaxed and less tense.” – T.A.

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“I felt very relaxed and ended up taking a very big nap (best nap I’ve had in a while!!)” – T.A.

“I write this only an hour or so after our session but a wave of relief has washed over me that I’ll carry forth into this new chapter of my life. Eternally grateful to have been in the presence of such a kind and caring practitioner. Could not have asked for a better way to leap forward into my twenty-sixth year. Lillie, you are incredible at what you do and I am so grateful for the healing work that you do. Thank you so much.” – J.G.

“A persistent pressure in my chest was gone.” – E.G.

“Centered! Relaxed! I think you have a gift… so glad you are listening to your heart.” – A.W.

Reiki is here to help.
Reiki is here to help.

“For me, our session was transformative. Reiki was recommended by someone in my online IVF group. I didn’t know much about Reiki other than it helps channel energy—energy is something I strongly believe in, so I decided to give the session a try. I didn’t expect to have the experience that I had! For the first time in over a year, I felt connected with myself—mind, body and spirit. I’ve been enduring infertility and embarking on an IVF journey which is incredibly emotionally, physically and spiritually draining. During our Reiki session, I felt energized and (to my surprise) very spiritually connected. The energy that flowed through me gave me peace, confidence, faith and clarity. I felt that I was about to try my own fertility journey, as opposed to being a “victim” of my infertility struggles. I also believe that I had a spiritual revelation during our session. My husband and I do not know the gender of our baby, but I envisioned a baby girl with distinct features of mine and my husbands; my baby even told me her name! My initial thoughts of the session was “wow, this is insane”, but I openly accepted the energy, revelation, healing, hope and restored faith that I received. I look forward to a second session after our embryo session!” – S.P.

“I slept SO well the night after my session. I’ve noticed that I am more calm in my daily life, and more easily able to let things go.” – C.T.

I definitely felt the sense of calm that I was seeking. – B.M.


“I look forward to doing another session.”

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