Reiki Videos

Curious to see some Boston Reiki videos of Lillie doing hands-on energy balancing and chakra clearing, and of the Reiki practitioner giving insights about how to make the most of sessions? Check out these excerpts from the @HealingTouchL Instagram account, where Lillie frequently adds new content!

Reiki videos
Get ready for some Reiki videos!

1. Reiki video of hand placements.

In this video, Lillie demonstrates upper-body Reiki hand placements on a wonderful client. She’s sped up the movements a bit for ease of viewing; in an actual Reiki session, each position is held for at least three breaths to allow the Chi (or Qi) life force energy to flow. Notice how breathing is a big part of the session. See how relaxing it looks?

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2. What might happen during Reiki?

In this video, Lillie explains that during a Reiki session, you might see colors, have memories, feel emotions, begin crying during the meditation, or even fall asleep. Any of that is fine! It shows your body is healing by processing.

3. Video: What to wear for Reiki

In this Reiki video, Lillie explains what to wear for a Reiki session: thin, soft clothing (ideally in layers), minimal or no jewelry, clean socks, and no jeans, please!

4. Racing thoughts during Reiki

Is it ok if your mind is racing during a Reiki session? As Lillie explains in this video, YES! Think of Reiki as an assisted meditation or dream state. During a dream, your brain processes life by churning through a flood of ideas, images, and scenarios. Let your body do that naturally during a Reiki session, and you’ll leave with a new sense of ease and clarity!

5. What does Reiki help with?

This Reiki video explains several reasons why people might want to book a Reiki session, and might get particularly effective energy and chakra cleansing benefits: 1) To relax, 2) To assist during a time of transition (a hands-on form of life coaching), and, 3) To help healing and balance. Oh, and couples Reiki can enhance connection with a loved one.

6. Mid-Body Reiki Hand Placements

In this Reiki video, Lillie demonstrates some mid-body hand placements. During a full session, the hand pattern moves from head to toe, then back up again. As with the first demonstration video, the speed here is faster than a real session to give an overview.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Reiki videos from the practitioner, Lillie. What else would you like her to explain or demonstrate? Happy to answer any questions, so feel free to contact!

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