Life Coach, Boston: In-Person and Online Remote

Ready for a different kind of life coach, Boston?

Looking for a positive change?

Trying to find a path forward during a time of transition?

Wanting guidance and motivation to create the life you yearn for?

Healing Touch “L” in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts offers two kinds of life coaching:

With touch and talk life coaching in person, Reiki specialist, Lillie, uses a combination of talking plus touch to help you naturally find your next steps in positive changes.

Life coach Boston
Talk plus touch life coaching.

This is not a life coach who will order you around and tell you what to do. Rather, Lillie will help you tap into your innate wisdom through a series of gentle hand placements on your body, as you recline, paired with welcoming and non-judgmental conversation about the issues in your world that truly matter to you.

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During the Reiki hand placements, Lillie is often able to see the colors corresponding to your aura and chakras, which hold great power in indicating what has been blocking you in life, and ways to find the way forward into the path you’d like to be on. During the session, we will discuss what those chakra colors indicate, and how that may pertain to what you are grappling with now in your world.

Though this may sound somewhat “out there,” the testimonials Lillie has received over the months indicate that this combined talk and touch therapy really works! By using Reiki to achieve a relaxed, meditative state, your body is far better able to understand and process what it is you truly want, and how to achieve it.

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Life Coaching Areas of Expertise:

In her Boston Life Coach practice, Lillie can offer specific expertise in the following topics, either in person (with Reiki hand placements to assist), or by phone:

  • Teaching and education job life
  • Career transitions
  • Marriage and relationships
  • Separations and divorce
  • Self-love and self-confidence
  • LGBTQIA+ issues
  • Alternative relationship structures
  • Increasing exercise and healthy habits